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Conversation Between Kimberly and chessnut2
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  1. Kimberly
    21-12-13 14:59
    Jim, good to see you're back and hope you are doing better now. The website is currently under redesign, but most of the original content will be put back again! In the meantime, Facebook and Twitter will be the best ways to stay in touch.
  2. chessnut2
    14-12-13 23:00
    Hello Kimberly. I haven't been participating for quite some time because of medical problems. I opened the website and saw that there are no longer headings where I can click to see News, new releases, Christmas video, etc. Is this only done on Facebook and Twitter now, or am I missing something in the new webpage design. Thanks. Jim
  3. chessnut2
    20-05-11 23:04
    Hello Kimberly! Hope things are going well with you. Any word about when the new albums are coming out?
  4. Kimberly
    02-05-10 01:39
    Hi Chet, thanks for your tip. I took care of Tiffany and her spam messages. Kimberly.
  5. chessnut2
    01-05-10 06:14
    Hi Kimberly. Wanted to notify you that a new member named Tiffany92 posted a very nasty joke at 6:56 pm est and some job related correspondence at 6:57. She must have thought she was sending them somewhere else. Jim

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