Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle is a fantastic guitar technique, because it allows you to pick up a guitar and play full-fledged music, all by yourself, with a melody, accompaniment chords and a bass line, all together! Moreover, withfingerstyle you can play all kinds of music, from classical to hard rock and everything in between. This makes fingerstyle a perfect basis to learn other guitar styles as well.

With this DVD a beginning guitarist (or begining fingerpicker) will have enough study material for a year or longer. It is not required to have any prior experience with guitar playing, and you need no knowledge of music. However, by the time you can play everything on this DVD, you may consider yourself one of the better guitarists in town!

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The DVD comes in an elegant, slim digipack,

that easily fits in your guitar case.

A unique approach

Eltjo has never had a single guitar lesson in his entire life and this makes his instructional DVD very special: fast, fun, motivating, and without the use of complicated musical scores or dull music theory. You will start playing music right from the beginning! Moreover, Eltjo is a gifted speaker and a very good instructor, and in seven highly structured lessons he will quickly introduce you to the wonderful world of fingerstyle guitar.

Difficult? Maybe not so difficult as you would think, with Eltjo's ultra-clear step-by-step method. This is not one of those DVDs where you have to figure it all out yourself. Our customers tell us that watching this DVD is similar to having private lessons. Every time you will get extensive instructions about the excercises you have to do before you can move on to the next section. Everything is very clear, also thanks to the unique camera angles that are used and which show Eltjo's hands just like your own hands. Best of all: in the unlikely case there is something you don't understand, you will not be alone. You can ask all your questions on the Internet Forum that has been made especially for everybody who owns this DVD.

Both for beginners as well as advanced players

The guitar lessons on this DVD are made for those who have never touched a guitar in their lives, but also for more advanced players who want to learn fingerstyle guitar. And thanks to the mini-performances with jaw-dropping techniques, Eltjo's encouraging and highly motivating attitude and a wealth of addional information (e.g., about how to play by ear and how to check and set up your guitar), this DVD even has value for advanced fingerstyle players.

A complete course for the price of one single guitar lesson!

We offer this great DVD, packed with almost two hours of lessons, for price of US$ 19.95 - which is probably less than what you would pay for just one single guitar lesson! But with this DVD you will not only learn to play guitar - you will also learn how stay motivated and how to continue learning by yourself when you're done with this DVD. In Eltjo's own words: "If you always remain dependent on others to learn new things, you will never become a real guitarist!"

How do I get this DVD?

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Eltjo Haselhoff is a well established and much respected player and composer in the fingerstyle guitar arena. He has several highly acclaimed albums out, and his instructional DVD for fingerstyle guitar is available in three different languages. The DVD was an immediate and worldwide succes, thanks to the efficient and unorthodox approach, the clear explanations and Eltjo’s highly motivational attitude.

Playing time: 1:52 hours.

Unique camera angles: identical to your own hands!

Super-clear instructions, easy to understand for everyone

With mini-performances of Eltjo's latest solo album 'Guitar Magic'

Includes crucial information about adjusting your guitar, tuning your guitar, how to use a thumb pick, and learning the right mentality to never give up!


● Introduction

Lesson 1: Alternating bassnotes

Lesson 2: Alternating bassnotes with a simple melody in A major

Lesson 3: Advanced melody in C major (Jesse James), pull-offs

Lesson 4: Tempo & groove, more advanced melody in A minor (Korobushka), hammer-ons

Lesson 5: Advanced fingerstyle song Humoresque), basic version

Lesson 6: Advanced techniques (staccatos, slides, bends, licks etc.), applied to Humoresque.

Lesson 7: The right mentality and how to avoid the common pitfalls, how to move on by yourself, pro-fingerstyle performance (The Graft)

Appendix A: Tuning your guitar

Appendix B: Playing with a thumbpick

Appendix C: Tablature

Appendix  D: Adjusting your guitar for fingerstyle

Technical Information


Regioncode: none

Image format 16:9 (wide screen)

Language: English

Camera angles: 1 (with dual screens)

Playing time: 1:52 h

Have you always wanted to play guitar? Or do you play guitar already and would you like to learn fingerstyle guitar? Thousands of people worldwide have already learned to play guitar with Eltjo Haselhoff's highly acclaimed instructional DVD.


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